Who are we?

Credit Comfort has spent the past twenty years or so working for a broad range of clients and has built up long-term business relationships with many of them. Our clients operate in a diverse range of industries, such as food, fashion, equipment and construction. In spite of this diversity, we can identify many similarities. Our clients are all companies that dare to do business in their own individual way. Companies with a distinctive approach, which very often proves to be the right one. We recognise these traits in our company too. We felt that our concept of flexibility, commitment and customer focus was poorly reflected by the major market players. And that is precisely what we do differently at Credit Comfort. Our many years of experience in consultancy, insurance and financing mean that we know exactly what we’re talking about. Yet we like to go one step further and link this extensive knowledge to our creative capacity in order to devise the best-possible solution for each individual client.

Alexander Glazener

1992 – 1995 Royal Credietverzekering NV Royal Credietverzekering NV was a recently-founded, independent company that we would now call a start-up. In 1992, as a new player, we shook up the market by launching new products. Not standard packages, but customised solutions. It was a small company, which dealt with all aspects of credit insurance. Royal Credietverzekering NV is now called Euler Hermes Nederland. 1995 – 1997 ING Bank I spent three years working as a broker at ING Bank. Many of my tasks were related to loans combined with credit insurance. ING is a large company, so I was able to learn a great deal about the industry. Yet it was here that I began to get the idea to start up my own company. Since 1997 Credit Comfort BV I founded Credit Comfort together with Ewoud de Man in 1997, a compact firm providing expertise and a genuine focus on our clients. As a team we know all our clients through and through, and can easily take over tasks from each other. Our different backgrounds and personal strengths mean that we complement each other perfectly.

Ewoud de Man

1991 – 1996 Atradius I started my career at one of the largest credit insurers, Atradius. As a broker manager for ING and Rabobank Sales, I conducted business directly with the banks. That taught me the ins and outs of credit insurance and all the crucial points that require attention. 1996 – 1997 Fortis As a Commercial Finance product manager at Fortis I was able to learn about the options of product factoring. The restrictions at that time seemed illogical to me, but the market was slowly starting to change and there was scope for new initiatives. Since 1997 Credit Comfort BV One of those new initiatives was Credit Comfort. In Alexander Glazener I found a business partner who, like me, wanted to do something other than serve anonymous clients with standard products on behalf of the major players. This line of business in fact revolves around people and working towards the ultimate solution, combining to give us an immense sense of satisfaction.