Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Credit Comfort provides credit insurance, compiles borrowing applications and offers financial consultancy services for trading companies seeking a financing partner. We hope that you’ll find the answer to your question on this page. Want to talk to us after reading the information on our website? We will be happy to hear from you.

I’m looking for a system to screen the creditworthiness of a large number customers

We can create a customised but simple, cheap and powerful credit scoring system for your company.

How do I improve my credit insurer rating?

We analyse your business data and help you put together the best-possible presentation for insurers.

I have a very large customer and I don’t know if it is financially sound

We will verify the figures for this customer and search for an appropriate insurer with suitable capacity.

I need advice on doing business abroad

We can explain the payment problems that may arise when doing business in certain countries and with customers located there. In addition, we can provide solutions for dealing with payment risk and financing.

My credit insurance is too expensive

We look at where your risk lies and what your requirements are. This enables us to draw up a proposal under the best-possible terms and conditions, without compromising on your cover.

We are growing and constantly need cash

In this situation it’s important to carefully align your company’s growth with its financial capacity. We will analyse your situation and devise a solution for you.

My credit insurer says my customer is not creditworthy

We will audit this decision, check alternatives and pool capacity.

I need business financing

We will consult with you, establish your requirements, asses your chances of success and submit a financing application to several banks.

My customer refuses to pay their outstanding invoices

We will recommend the correct debt collection proceedings and can advise you on how to cover this type of risk.

What are the advantages of credit insurance?

There are many advantages to credit insurance. Put simply, however, credit insurance protects your company’s operating capital and profitability. It lets you do what you’re best at, business and commerce, while a specialist monitors the quality of your customers.